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Toys included

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Pull Along Bear

While pulled along, the musical bear hits the xylophone with different keys, encouraging little ones to keep exploring the world.

• Musical & Auditory • Coordination • Language & Communication • Gross motor

Musical Clatter

Alternating up and down motion with both hands makes click-clack sounds that inspires creative expression.

• Fine motor • Musical & Auditory • Coordination • Creativity

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Bunny Car Racing

Vintage themed race car with turning wheel that gives the same movement as a real race car when turning around.

• Fine motor • Hand-eye coordination • Imagination • Coordination

Sorting Bus

With colorful shapes that slide out when bus is pulled, children can both play with this vehicle and develop problem-solving skills.

• Mathematical • Problem Solving • Coordination • Gross Motor

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My First Phone

With a magnifier screen and a colorful beaded dial pad the phone encourages interactive play and help to develop cognitive skills.

• Problem Solving • Tactile Exploration • Imagination • Coordination