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The Essential Gear Bundle

Retail purchase price: $1,027

It's only natural that when we expect your first child, we turn to our family and friends for every little piece of advice and to receive some products too. To complement what you may have received, our "essential bundle" helps you out with a selection of four basic products to make your life a little bit less hectic in the first months of parenting.

Included in the bundle:

Bassinet - Babybjorn

Carrier - Tinker & Nod Feather

Monitor - Miku Pro

Bouncer - Tinker & Nod Rockable

** if you’re interested in renting the bundle please contact us at hello@tinkernod.com **

During the first 6 months of life, your baby outgrows most of the products you bought in no time. The Essentials bundle has you covered with a careful selection of baby gear needed for the first 6 months of your baby's life.

Includes our Pack' n Play Travel Cot, Bouncer Chair, Feather Carrier and Cocoon Lounger.