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Having a baby is a marvelous and a unique experience. However, it does have a significant environmental footprint. 

58.6 Tons

58.6 tons of Co2 are consumed in the first year of having baby, much higher even than owning a car or long flight.

40 Million

40 million toys that end up thrown away in landfill each year. This works out to about 80% of all toys globally.

17.4 Pounds

17.4 lbs of Co2 can be displaced by reusing an item rather than purchasing it new, which is a 82% saving.

Reuse can help build a more sustainable word for the very world our kids will inherit from us. Not only will reduce the number of items that end up in a landfill but will reduce the footprint along the entire value chain of the product, including production, shipping, distribution and disposal.

At Tinker & Nod we believe that a more sustainable approach to nurture our babies is possible without significantly compromise on convenience and quality.

We foster a culture of reuse, by allowing the same items to be reused 4-5 times before getting to end of life

We store and distribute locally, avoiding the environmental impact of long-haul shipping

We reduce significantly packaging waste with a very minimal packaging 

Where possible we attempt to use cleaning products that are Eco sustainable

We hope you will join us in building a community of parents committed to a better future for their kids.

Tinker & Nod