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We do the dirty work to get nasty stains, germs & bacteria out of every single item.

The Tinker & Nod Way

Our tested method is divided into three different and very important phases:

The Inspection

One of the most important aspects is the evaluation of the product we have in our hands. Once we receive a product back from a customer, each product is carefully and thoroughly inspected to evaluate the condition of each part. Any smaller defect or blemish is taken care of and photographed for internal documentation. Considering each product has a specific lifespan until which it can be considered safe, this process will help us keep track of every single product's history to ensure the maximum level of safety during use.

Deep Cleaning & Sanitation

After first vacuuming crumbs and dirt, each slipcover or fabric component goes though a deep cleaning process, regardless of the condition of the returned product. From the initial washing cycle to the final steaming process, we follow the manufacturer's instructions as to not compromise the quality/safety of the product. Every hard surface is treated with material specific product, wiped down and sanitized with mild detergents. Due to the sensitivity of children's skin, we use cleaning products that are paediatrician & dermatologist approved, and clinically tested for safety.

Reassembly & delivery

After cleaning and sanitizing, each product is carefully reassembled and stored with a label noting its deep-cleaning and safety check date. Before delivery to the customer, each product is carefully inspected and sanitized. The removable label that the customer will receive will include: the last deep cleaning date & the sanitization date performed prior to delivery to the residence.